It’s time for a regular Bath tech meet-up

This morning I took the 8.43am from Bath to London. A chap sat down next to me and looked at my MacBookAir and Nexus One and said “do you work in tech?”

Turns out he lives in Bath too and works on Android for Google in London.

This made me think. I know lots of people who work on cool tech projects for great companies who live in the Bath area. And without doubt those people know a load more. Wouldn’t all of these people enjoy and value a few pints once a month and a chance to meet up and swap ideas? I think so.

Off the top of my head we can already get a few people from Carsonified, SubHub, Pico, The Filter, digital folk from Future and Future Plus as well as any number of tech peeps who live in Bath but work somewhere else (I know of execs from Google, Orange, O2 and Microsoft).

A few hours after my random encounter, Drink|Tech|Bath was born. Well, I have designed a logo, emailed 20 key tech people I know in Bath and have had offers already from a number of people to help make this a reality.

If you live/work in Bath in tech and you are keen to help make this happen or you simply want to be invited along to the Drink|Tech|Bath, follow and contact us via Twitter (@drinktechbath).

Meanwhile, if you have any ideas/suggestions, please send them to us on twitter or add a comment to this story. I will set up a Drink|Tech|Bath site in the next few days to capture this.


8 responses to “It’s time for a regular Bath tech meet-up

  1. Morning, how technical are your meetings planning to be? If it’s a mix of designer through to language geeks I’d suggest bathcamp will be a better more established crowd.

    There are a few of us very geeky people who just started a developer meetup group last week. Are the groups orthogonal or solving the same need in your opinion? If it’s the same (devs talking tech) then perhaps we should collaborate.

    Cheers, Tim

  2. Hi Tim,
    The aim here was to have a more social gathering of people who work in tech – to meet other people in a similar industry. I wanted it to include executives/entrepreneurs as well as designers, developers and engineers.

    The focus is more on the social and networking aspects rather than on tech discussions.
    By doing this, my thinking is that the social group this will create could generate new ideas and collaborations. And if not, it would simply be a fun bunch of people to spend 2 hours with.

  3. Oh, also – forgot to mention – a discussion group we’ve just set up for just the types you’re talking about.

    In terms of the audience and content (sorry, I’d missed Tim’s comment and your followup) – Bathcamp isn’t purely geeky. Previous topics have included lots on design, usability, Getting Things Done, Cymatics, mobile. Future topics include things like a startup night, Dragon’s Den style ideas head to head, etc. Basically anyone with something interesting to say is welcome.

    Oh, and we head for beers afterwards.. 🙂

  4. Sounds good.
    I would love to come to the 2nd Feb Bathcamp, but have to babysit that night (ah, the exciting life I lead).
    So, I will hopefully be able to make the next one.

  5. I have now told the filter team about all of the above. They are very interested – and I hope you will see some of us at the next event.

    I still think there is room for a purely social gathering of people who work in tech and live/work in Bath. I will set the dates well a part from bathcamp so that there is no conflict and see how it goes. I am happy/keen to help out if you want anything done promotion wise for bathcamp and Just shout.

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