Drink|Tech|Bath news

A week ago, I wrote about wanting to set up a social networking event in Bath.

And then I did something about it by launching Drink|Tech|Bath and tweeting about it. Within a week we had over 40 members signed up – all great people from companies like Google, Cisco, Future, LoveHoney, Picochip, The Filter, IPL, Microsoft, etc…

There are already a number of other great events in Bath (like Bathcamp.org), but the demand for a purely social event that mixes up all types (entrepreneurs, creatives, engineers, marketers, etc) has truly blown me away.

So, due to the massive demand, I have had to make some very quick decisions on venue, dates, sponsors, and more. And here are the main headlines:

Organisers: this is a bigger event than I thought with a lot of potential. To make sure it is well organised, I have joined forces with Tim Tucker, Tom Lewis and Keir Whitaker – they all have significant experience in organising events like this (in Bristol, Bournemouth and London) and bring a lot of fresh ideas, energy and additional contacts into the mix.

Venue: we decided to go for a venue that can cater for up to 100 people and that can give us a private space for the event. I am delighted to confirm that the good folk at Market have made their first floor available to us.

Date: the choice of venue means we have to change the date of the first meetup to Wednesday 23rd February, from 6pm. Please add this to your diaries!

Sponsors: we have secured a sponsor for the first event so we can provide free drinks. I am just crossing ‘T’s and dotting ‘I’s and will announce who it is in the next few days.

Name: In joining forces with Tim, Tom and Keir we have decided to rename the event BathSpark. My initial name of DrinkTechBath was a bit literal (I took 5 mins to come up with that), whereas BathSpark has as much potential as the event itself.

We will be making the name changes to the website/meetup.com page and twitter handle in the next few days. So keep an eye out for any mention of BathSpark!

Click here to sign up for the event and/or to stay informed about up and coming BathSpark evenings. And feel free to pass on this link to others.


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