Event: Gabble hack weekend at Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios

PGI won’t lie, Peter Gabriel is a hero of mine. He provided me with the soundtrack to my teens, my love life and to my wedding. And, not satisfied with that, he then opened up a whole new world of opportunities in my professional life by dreaming up and then investing in some great projects that I have been lucky enough to lead over the last 5+ years.

So, forgive me for getting positively excited about the fact that all of my life tracks are seemingly converging on 16th-17th March at a hack weekend taking place at Peter’s legendary Real World studios. The event, which is part of the Bath Digital Festival, is inviting developers and designers to hack into either of two code bases/APIs that I have been deeply involved with since 2007: (i) the first is Gabble – a visual language that matches words and phrases to pictures and animations; and (ii) the second is The Filter – a taste and personalisation engine for digital media that powers the likes of BT Vision and Wal-mart’s Vudu video service.

Real World studios

The Real World setting is spectacular and inspirational: the mill, the main recording studio, the rehearsal rooms and the surrounding countryside all provide participants with a great environment to help them enjoy the weekend and get stuck into the code. The Filter and Gabble are both concepts that Peter has a lot of passion for and we all believe that the ideas and hacks that will come out of this weekend can help the evolution of both over the coming months.

The event runs over a two-day weekend (16th & 17th March) and participants can come along on either day or both. Food, drinks and transport to and from Bath will be provided by Real World, Gabble and The Filter, however, there is a participation fee to contribute towards the food and mini-buses (£15 for 2 days or £10 for one day). There is a limit on numbers, so get your tickets now if you don’t want to miss out.

The main studio - venue for the hack weekend

The main studio – venue for the hack weekend


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