DigitalDNA LLP is a strategic consultancy that specialises entirely in helping companies make sense of the business of content+people+data. Check out our current and previous projects.

This is our sweet spot, and we will happily analyse market opportunities and advise on, develop, fix and execute on business strategies in this area all day long. Our approach is obvious: (i) understand the market, (ii) ensure a clear and focused strategic purpose, and (iii) get the right mix of people and principles, (iv) execute.

We are not consultants who just tell you how you should be doing it. We get our hands dirty and get fully involved in execution. We were once given a 3-month assignment to devise a go-to market strategy for a music playlist technology called The Filter, and we got so engaged that it turned into a 5-year love affair!

As well as the work we did at The Filter, we have 15+ years of content-user-data experience gained thanks to working with Warner Bros, BBC Worldwide, BT Vision, Nokia, Future, Radio 2, NBC and Dailymotion to name just a few. We have developed a deep understanding of how user experiences can be optimised thanks to data as well as expertise in how the business of content can be honed by understanding users and how they interact with content at the most granular level.

To find out more about how you can get us involved with your project, get in touch.


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